In the pursuit of better and timelier information, increasingly more sponsors are outsourcing their medical affairs functions. Formulation and reimbursement conversations are beginning earlier and earlier and you need the right information to determine where and how to deploy your research and development capital. Chiltern’s Medical & Scientific Affairs team specializes in the distillation and dissemination of the data you need to design an efficient program and bring your product to market.

Our collaborative market access assessment, non-registration evaluation, and health economics and outcomes research studies bridge the gap between scientific and commercial teams — providing you data to make decisions.

Whether you are seeking assistance to properly position the therapeutic outcomes of your treatments or assessing the economic benefit of new and developing therapies for your payers, our team of health economists, market access professionals, medical researchers, medical writers, pharmacists, physicians, scientists and regulatory and compliance thought leaders can help you determine the extent at which your development should continue.

You can rely on Chiltern’s Medical & Scientific Affairs team to provide the third-party experience you need to inform your payers, physicians and patients and to meet your goals.

Medical & Scientific Affairs Services

  • 24/7 medical monitoring
  • CSR review
  • Medical coding review
  • Medical data review and trend analysis
  • Medical monitoring plan
  • Medical writing
  • Patient eligibility and withdrawal
  • Project training
  • Protocol deviation review
  • Protocol review
  • Review of laboratory/ECG alert reports
  • SAE/AE review and assessment
  • Study design and feasibility