Chiltern’s global staff in 47 countries know the local languages and culture, supporting your clinical trial with strong relationships in more than 22,000 investigator sites worldwide. We can go anywhere the patients are, wherever you are.
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Global Reach - Countries

Offering truly global reach means more than establishing a presence — Chiltern has the localized expertise you need to conduct trials of all sizes and complexity worldwide. Whether we scale up your staff to accommodate a global undertaking, enhance patient recruitment in targeted areas, provide you with region-specific regulatory expertise or anything else, the solutions we offer are never compromised for lack of local understanding. All Chiltern’s 4,200+ employees are fluent in English and are equipped with powerful communication and collaboration tools that work in real time, which means your trial can advance regardless of time zone and language barriers.

Vendor Engagements

Chiltern is a full-service CRO, and we also engage with subcontractors and vendors on an as-needed basis to deliver solutions in the most effective and efficient manner possible. We have relationships with vendors specializing in interactive voice response systems (IVRS), central laboratory services, electronic data capture (EDC), translation services, drug and product development services, patient recruitment services, electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements, international investigator meeting coordination and many other areas. We’ve established a cross-departmental vendor management committee to direct the selection, qualification and oversight of selected vendors and maintain our network.

Regulatory Expertise

Chiltern’s country managers and staff have the regulatory and operational expertise to understand the nuances and intricacies for almost any trial location or market shift. Our rich understanding of worldwide drug development growth and opportunities paired with proprietary market research data positions Chiltern to provide valuable insights and the most up-to-date regulatory and safety expertise available.