We are where you are.

Offering truly global reach means more than establishing a presence — Chiltern has localized expertise you need to conduct trials of all sizes and complexity worldwide. Whether it’s scaling up your staff to accommodate a global undertaking, enhancing patient recruitment in targeted areas, providing region-specific regulatory expertise or anything else, the solutions we offer are never compromised for lack of local understanding. All Chiltern employees are fluent in English and are equipped with powerful communication and collaboration tools that work in real time, which means your trial can advance regardless of time zone and language barriers.

  • 4,000+ staff
  • Staff in 47 countries
  • Access to 22,000+ investigator sites
  • Strategic alliances with industry leaders

Vendor Engagements

Chiltern is a full-service CRO, and we also engage with subcontractors and vendors on an as-needed basis to deliver solutions in the most effective and efficient manner possible. We have relationships with vendors specializing in interactive voice response systems (IVRS), central laboratory services, electronic data capture (EDC), translation services, drug and product development services, patient recruitment services, electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements, international investigator meeting coordination and many other areas. We’ve established a cross-departmental vendor management committee to direct the selection, qualification and oversight of selected vendors and maintain our network.

Strategic Alliances

Chiltern has established strategic alliances with the best in the industry. With every alliance we forge, we put the infrastructure in place to make the work happen effectively and efficiently as possible to deliver what’s best for your budget, timelines and outcomes. Read more about our alliances >

Global Locations



Chiltern provides comprehensive coverage across this region with in-house staff in Australia, India and all of East Asia — Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand — complemented by long-standing partnerships for China, Japan and Vietnam. We firmly believe that only locally based project teams that are fluent in the local languages and immersed in the cultures can ensure consistent quality and strict adherence to ICH-GCP. So let’s talk if you’re interested in running your trial in Asia.

Central and Eastern Europe

Seeking the best of both worlds? Central and Eastern Europe might be the hidden gem you’re seeking. This region offers established clinical trials practices, experienced investigators and an eager patient population, which might make it the best region for you if you’re seeking high-quality data with high-paced recruitment on a budget. Consider Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic and Ukraine for your next trial. Many Central and Eastern European countries follow the same import/export, customs clearance and regulatory practices (including VHP) as their Western European counterparts.

Latin America

This region boasts a population exceeding 600 million, making clinical research in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico and throughout Central and South America all about access to patients. Latin America is rich in experienced investigators and is known for high-quality data and excellent patient retention in clinical trials. But navigating the local customs and country regulations can be a challenge. Chiltern is your partner on the ground who can meet face-to-face with investigators and regulators to get things done. There is no more cost-effective region, particularly for long-term studies, so let’s talk about whether Latin America is a good fit for your program.

Middle East and North Africa

As the newest frontier for clinical research, the Middle East and North Africa region has a largely untapped and ready patient population, a progressing regulatory environment and high-quality medical staff. There are a high prevalence of diabetes and genetic disorders in this region. Having already conducted trials in Algeria, Cyprus, Israel and Turkey, and with regional partners for remaining countries, Chiltern is prepared to take on this region as part of your clinical trials strategy.